Up and Coming Fashion Designers

Up and Coming Fashion Designers

We are all guilty when it comes to appreciation of up and coming fashion designers. Let me elaborate a little so as not to leave a bad taste in the mouth from my opening statement.

We see it, we love it, and we do not hesitate to swipe to not feel like a fashion mimic after it starts trending. Now we see not only the celebs and social media influencers rockin’ it but the privilege clubs are now making a similar statement.

The question though is, who is the designer behind it all?

Whether it is a headband, hat, bandana, shorts, leggings, handbag, or any of the multitude of statements we make daily. Behind it stands a master fashion designer.

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The person who spends late nights, crappy paper drawings, and even the great rejection from fashioners who has despised previous work(s). They are the ones carrying the industry on their shoulders, the ones we more than often overlook or spend no time to even ‘take that very hat off to,’ to pay not only some change to, but some real respect. I say those persons deserve the title ‘Legend’.


 Let’s take a look at some up and coming fashion designers.

                                                    Sade Mims
Let us focus our attention on Sade Mims who hails from out of Philadelphia and South Jersey, she is an inspiration and also a visionist. She started making jewelry in 2013, then launched her brand Edas in 2015. One thing with Sade, she is big on vibe and energy, if it feels good, she will put the work in it. You just got to love her collab with Cameron Tea, “Beaded Bucket Hats and Handbags”, now that is not something that you see every day.

                              Xuly.Bet by: Lamine Badian Kouyate

Talk about innovation in fashion and the name Lamine Badian Kouyate comes to mind, up and coming usually means new on the scene, but Lamine has been around the block and is re-emerging, I will tell you this "keep your eyes open" AKA XULY.Bët. This fashion label was built on a Wolof/Senegalese expression, and though mentioned on this list was founded in 1991. 

           Paris Georgia by Paris Temple Mitchell & Georgia Cherrie

Inspired by women, for women to wear, Paris Georgia. This brand was launched in 2015 by Paris Temple Mitchell and Georgia Cherrie, the design is pretty young, right?

Sleek and elegant are among the descriptions used to describe the finished product. While 95% of production remains locally in New Zealand where the design was born, this brand and design is nothing short of world class.

                                Medea by: Giulia & Camilla Venturini
Double or nothing, I introduce to you Italian twin Giulia and Camilla Venturini, (how can one even tell them apart) founders of Medea. These two former models that have graced the catwalk for various designs, now have their very own hang bag line. These handbags come in many varying colors as well as sizes. Made from fine matte leather, these lovelies are just pure quality and definitely has a buzz.

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Whatever statement you are trying to make, make it with fashion over conversation

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