The Ultimate Winter Workout Plan

The Ultimate Winter Workout Plan

During ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ we get to hibernate as much as we can, cosying up, eating more and moving less. Even though it’s great fun, our bodies can suffer and our clothes become gradually tighter.

I believe in feeling good about feeling good and doing something that is of great benefit to you.

                       How Do I Start?

Despite the dismal atmosphere around us now, we must find ways to keep our mental state active. There seems to be more people who opt to either start a new routine or increase their  workout plan during the winter.  Around this time of year, it’s hard to motivate ourselves to get out of our warm beds and hit the gym. A great way to get started is to find a group or a partner to get moving. Doing it with company makes exercise fun and keeps you motivated.

Although we are on lock down in a sense and need to abide by the Covid-19 rules. I would suggest starting to do exercise sessions with your family or friends by doing a workout at home.

What better way than teaming up with friends and having fun while keeping fit. It keeps the mind focussed, and something to look forward to. You will feel better, less stressed and more relaxed after each session.  This is especially important during the winter season, and also the damp effects we are facing with the pandemic.

Things you can do for the ultimate winter workout routine is as follows:

  • Swimming - Make it a daily routine to swim. One of the best sports for a long and healthy life. A warm indoor pool can be the perfect place for a workout when the weather outside doesn’t cooperate.
  • Zoom -  Exercise sessions with friends
  • Join a Workout class
  • Hire a Trainer for home routine
  • Biking

                                          WORKOUT TIPS:

  •      ‘Stick with shorter workouts that use multiple muscle groups. This way you pack more exercise into less time, giving you plenty of hours in the day to get on with the rest of your busy schedule.
  •      Squats, mountain climbers and planks are but a few of the exercises that work out multiple areas of your body. Do 20 reps of each, followed by a 60 second plank and repeat the set three times for a full body workout that won’t take you more than half an hour.
  •      DO Not  focus on losing weight but more ‘on getting stronger, fitter and healthier. Eat a nutritious but balanced diet. Don't stress over it. Don't ban foods – just eat like a grown-up and don't binge. Results come quicker when you enjoy it.

If you opt to work out at home either alone or with friends together or via zoom. You can always google exercise programs and follow their program, Once you are having fun that is key.

  1. Take 30-45 minutes to complete each exercise session, and 3 -4 times per week. While we focus on exercise, the objective is keeping healthy, so a good diet is essential.
  2. Have four to five medium sized meals, evenly spaced throughout the day. The meals should contain a low to moderate amount of carbohydrates. The source of carbs is crucial:
  3. Make sure it is from fibrous carbohydrates like fruits and vegetables. This will help you avoid spikes in blood sugar that can trigger cravings and binge eating.

During winter months, the  days are shorter and the cold weather makes it justifiable to skip your workouts. But find a routine that fits your schedule and be motivated to keep at it. It is best to have a partner to provide support for each other as you pass each milestone you set for yourselves.Working on getting stronger, fitter, healthier, leaner and bursting with energy and confidence. There’s something really magical about setting a workout goal, sticking to It, and achieving something you thought you could not do.

the ultimate winter workout plan

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