The Ultimate Guide To Sorting Out Your Summer Clothes

The Ultimate Guide To Sorting Out Your Summer Clothes

Who is really able to provide the ultimate guide to sorting out your summer clothes? Do you think there is a one size fits all in this matter or is this one of those individual quests?

Well, whether it is or not, there has to be that adjustment from scarves and mittens to shorts and flip flops, again that is if you are that type of a dresser.


I recently took a visit to Negril in Jamaica, that was in 2019 before the world turned upside-down, all there is to do now is to reminisce on the fun I had. The way things would have turned just mere months after, even to date, I wish I had packed to stay a while longer. Here I’ll relive the warmth of the moment to share with you the ultimate guide to sorting out your summer clothes.

First things first:

  • You must get out the old, to get in with the new
  • Get rid of the long sleeves unless you're working in the office
  • Put the boots aside and wear breathable, comfortable flat shoes
  • Buy clothing that is light-coloured and avoid darker shade clothes at all cost
  • Get yourself a few tank tops
  • Summer is always legs day and so some shorts ought to do the trick
  • Bathing suits for the ladies and speedos for the gents
  • Flip flops are a must

                                The Additions

There’s always some fun to be had in the new summer wardrobe, the beach, the hiking, the camping, the scuba diving, and with that list I could go on forever, but here is a bonus to ensure you enjoy the fun and without the harm or danger that the sun can cause.

When packing for the outdoors, those light-coloured clothing will be sure to not only ensure you are cool but will also keep the mosquitos away. Always pack with your shorts, your SPF sun blocking cream, the best way to not be sunburned and to block out those UV rays. On the matter of UV rays also grab a pair of sun shades, as the sun can cause irreversible eye damage.


                                             Wrapping Up

The ultimate guide to sorting out your summer clothes can go way more in dept, from cleaning out drawers to going on an all-out clothes shopping spree. The key though is to always keep a little of the clothing you will go back to but not always putting back that dress that was worn only once five years ago to a special summer dinner, that you know you will never wear again, but keep on reshuffling it to the back of the clothes pile.

It is always great when you can remove and add clothing from your wardrobe evenly, so as not to leave you scanty without options, neither giving you too much so as to be too perplexed with too much to choose from.

Whatever you wear always ensure that it is what you are comfortable with!!!


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