We have been bombarded with so much darkness in 2020, That all I can think of is a pop of colour for 2021. I believe every  woman waits for the day to come again where her colour shade is the talk of the day instead of being isolated because of this pandemic.

The atmosphere has been so desolate, not many women feel the need to be choosing colours. But a girl has to do what a girl has to do. It's time to think about brightening the shade or just choosing a new shade all together. Most women now work remotely. But the minute a pop of colour is placed on those eyes. Bold is how you will step. It is about time you give yourself something to get your energy levels up.


A  blush colour should relate to the “pink” section of your colour palette.   If you have a warm undertone then your pinks are more coral/peachy, so your blush colour should be in this range.  If you are cool then your pinks are rose pinks (avoid those peachy or coral shades).

Before you pick your palette, you must be sure of the texture and the type of eyeshadow you want. You can choose from matte, mineral, shimmer, metallic, or even cream eyeshadow palette.

  •  Matte is flat with no sparkle or shine and is fairly long lasting. It is especially a good choice for all you oily skinned beauties out there.
  •  Mineral eyeshadows are made from strictly natural mineral components; this property makes mineral eyeshadows a good choice for the skin and should be ideal for the sensitive, allergy- prone skin.
  • Shimmer and metallic are for those who want to party into the wee hours of the night.
  • Cream eyeshadows hold on for longer and are better for dry skin.


Here are some popular palettes that each serve different needs, so no matter what you’re looking for, you’ll be looking flawless.

Being beautiful inside and out is a bold statement. Here are a few options-

 Just like every skin tone is unique, our eyes also have diverse colours and there are these beautiful shades which assist in bringing out the best in them.

    • Brown or black eyes: Browns and blacks are the most common eye colours and they look exquisite with rich jewel tones such as burgundy.
    • Green eyes: Beautiful mustards and warm peaches will give a brightening effect and natural flair to green eyes.
    • Blue eyes: If you want your blue eyes to appear greyer toned, your choice of colours should be purple or shades of lavender
    • Rose Gold: If you're as rose gold obsessed as we are (which you probably are, because aren't we all?), then you'll want to get your hands on this eyeshadow palette by Huda Beauty. We're in love with those creamy metals and pinky warm mattes.
    • Urban Decay Full Spectrum:  If you’re a gal who loves experimenting with colour, Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette is for you. These highly pigmented shadows include every shade of the rainbow, from the darker jewel tones to the soft pastels. With a palette like this, you’ll be able to play with a new colour every day.
    • Cobbler and Peaches n Cream:This Too Faced palette smells like a juicy peach! Featuring warm corals, browns, and pops with purple, you’ll be able to create endless looks with this delectable palette. Shadow names like “cobbler” and “peaches ‘n cream” have us drooling.  


There is no right or wrong way to choosing a colour palette that suits you. It is about having fun, experimenting colours and finding colours that speak to you. May your colour adventure be an amazing one.



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