Celebrity Fashion Styles To Avoid

Have you looked up to a celebrity for the latest fashion styles? Some of us do this in order to stay updated with the new fashion styles of the year. Not all the time should we look up to celebs for fashion styles because some trends we may want to avoid. 


How to Wear Double Denim | Who What Wear

1. Double Denim 

Jeans Jeans Jeans! don't we just loved a cute pair of jeans, or a cute jean jacket? Well although jeans are versatile to style with mostly anything, One fashion trend you may want to avoid is wearing double denim, especially if the jean denim colors do not match. Denim on denim is also not a trend to follow unless you are going to an 80s themed party!





Gwyneth Poncho | Wool and the Gang

2. Ponchos

Ponchos In style? I believe so but I also believe you may want to avoid a poncho. Ponchos are similar to cardigans but they cover you like a sweater and can be long in length. A poncho make fit a tall sleek person perfectly, but If you are a short person I would suggest avoiding ponchos they may make you look like you've gained a few pounds possibly making you look rounder. 






ruched bum bodycon dress cheap online

3.Bum Dresses

When I say "Bum" Dresses, I do not mean a homeless bum, A bum dress is a dress that hugs your bum. You can find stars like Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian wearing dresses like these. These dresses can be comfy cute, and fitting to your body, but you may want to avoid this celerity style if you are conscious about your extra tummy and back fat. These type of dresses will hug your body so if you're insecure avoid this style or I suggest wearing a spanx.

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