Unless of course, you’ve shopped Vogue’s apparel for puffer jackets  already—dressing in dark colours is a good way to play it safe while still looking put together. After all, for something you only wear for the season, you definitely want to keep it economical. There is one simple way to brighten things up, however, especially once those tireless winter outfits start to feel dull or just boring—

Winter fashion is essential to also show fashion. If you find yourself sporting an all-black or dark coloured tones you are not alone. All you may be interested in is keeping warm.  Who can blame you? Dark colours are safe, simple, chic, and somehow the most popular tones in winter apparel you have purchased over the years. Whether it’s coats and sweaters in shades of grey, or boots and bags in brown or black leathers. Most of us just want to remain rather basic in winter because It seems to take too much effort to remain stylish and remain warm.



Get creative and add accessories that will make a statement and pop some colour into your winter fashion. A brightly hued shoe or bag adds a pop of colour to any and every winter look effortlessly, with no additional thought required. DEFINITELY,  swap those  black winter boots for a popping pair in a bright colour, and a pouchy bag that compliments the boot. A fair dose of colour added to your winter wear certainly gives the eyes something to smile about even in a snowstorm. The key is to look stylish even in winter, feel comfortable and make it affordable.

Here are 5 accessories that is a must to go with your winter outfit:

  •      Pouchy bag, a must draw string or wrist strap pouch bag in a pop of colour does wonders to your winter wear.
  •      Winter boots with colour ( ditching the basic black and brown and taking a risk on possibly red or …..pairs of winter boots speaks confidence.
  •       Tech/Touchscreen Gloves (I don’t need to tell anyone that gloves are a necessity for winter. But constantly having to take them off to use your phone can be a hassle. I swear by these touchscreen-compatible gloves to make life easier. In particular, I adore this pair from Target. These little winter accessories are soft, cute, and come in the cutest colours!

  •      Oversized scarf: You can never go wrong with an oversized scarf, with the variety of colours and textures they are available in. It definitely ties your winter look together. You can look chic,  contemporary and most are under $50!
  •      Beret cap or Beanie Hat: what can I say, a beret or beanie hat is both comfortable and stylish no doubt. Add a French twist with a beret or a comfortable Beanie hat to top off your winter wear.

Whatever you choose as your ultimate winter accessories. These are my top 5 simple, economical and fun accessories to add to your winter outfits that will allow you to travel in confidence and feel absolutely beautiful with a pop of your favourite colour. It is only for a season, but worth the effort to add these must have accessories to your wardrobe.


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