12 Netflix Shows to Binge Watch With Your Man

12 Netflix Shows to Binge Watch With Your Man

Since the term “Binge-Watch” gained its popularity in 2012 it has changed the way persons are streaming or watching their favourite programs online or on TV. So here we are going to be taking a look at 12 Netflix shows to binge watch with your man.

Up until about 2008-2009 thereabout people would just watch what they loved as a mere favourite, and that was just what we called movies or series that we enjoyed up until then. We would rent, purchase or even borrow in those times, what were DVD’s, VHS (many readers may even need to look up what a VHS looks like) or wait for the half hour slot on TV, which by the way was also 30 percent commercials.


It was the year 2007 that gave birth to the new era of what was to become the future of what we now call binge-watching or even Netflix and chill, that is the year Netflix was born. Let’s spend no more time on a history lesson and move into the subject we are discussing.

Clearly, there is no one size fits all in such matters as taste and preferences ranges from comedy, to love and romance, to a little action and even some horror flicks that will have you clinging to your partner. While the list is my opinion, I will do my best to add a little diversity so as to cater to the lovers at heart and those who like to have that adrenaline rush flowing. Here are my top 12 shows to binge-watch with your man.


                     LOVE AND ROMANCE

  1.  Bridgerton
  2. She’s Gotta Have It
  3. Outlander
  4. Grey’s Anatomy               
  5. What/If
  6. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before


  1. Santa Clarita Diet
  2. The Haunting Of Hill House The Order
  3. The Order

                       ACTION /ADVENTURE

  1.   Money Heist

  2.  Peaky Blinkers

  3. Outer Banks


       The Take-Away                           

The above ranges from high school innocents going at it for the very first time to the adult melodrama of having multiple run-ins and have been around the block and back in love, learning the hard way for some.

Then there is the crazy, horrific, man eating, what seem to be normal family situation. There is always a dark looking no-matter-what-time of the day it is house that drives fear by its very presence, and that is what will drive you clinging to your man.

We all dare to be chilled by a little action with the twist and suspense that keeps us guessing while hoping it goes well for the now beloved by us star. The love, the betrayal and the money chase never get old.

Now this list is only a handful out of the mountain of options offered by Netflix. A list as this requires a lot of asking my friends what series they are watching and what has them hooked, as well as seeking guidance from Netflix themselves. Happy watching!!!



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