11 Winter Essentials For Women

11 Winter Essentials For Women

Women have evolved over the centuries.  They are now more than ever a force to be reckoned  with. And fashion is a statement best expressed by a bold, confident woman. Although winter comes only for a season, I am sure women who have some fashionista type  must have essentials that they can't wait to pull out of that closet for winter. Winter is all about the outward appearance. So imagine the accessories and the outfits that really matter for a woman.

Let's start with a must have essential:

  1. Long Coat - Make a statement with that long sexy coat that makes a statement that matters to you this winter.
  2. Go-to Skinny Jeans Pants - Why not, after all, you still want to feel confident as you stride this winter. Layer your skinny jeans to stay warm and step out bold
  3. Sweater - Every woman has that sweater so comfortable, you can't wait until winter to pop it on. It seems to go with every bottom and just so smooth on your skin.
  4. Boots - Not just any boots, “ Over the Knee” Boots that never go out of style. Perfect to dress up for dinner in a dress, or casually wear them with jeans to brunch with your girls. Buy yourself a pair and if you feel adventurous, get one in colour.
  5. Puffer Jacket- This is a must have. Winter never promises to behave so a puffer jacket in any colour is the definite winner for those extra cold days.
  6. Oversized Scarf- Well, it comes in so many varieties, textures and sizes. If you do not have at least one in your closet. What are you waiting for? This works with that sweater you love so much. That dress you wear to dinner or that skinny jeans you wear out with the girls.
  7. Leather Jacket- A leather jacket is just bad -ass. Winter cannot end without you boasting a weather jacket and jeans.
  8. Turtle Neck top- turtle next somehow speaks winter is here. How can you not own one? It is just a great must have to add to your winter outfits.
  9. Sweater Dress- In any style ( turtle neck, mock neck or cowl neck) This dress just gives warmth, hugs just enough to feel super sexy and comfortable for any wear.
  10. Leggings- How could I forget the go-to leggings. Perfect for layered clothing to add that extra warmth or just that home wear comfortable leggings that bring comfort and warmth while winter trods along.
  11. Warm Boot- And insulated boot is a sure hit. Must have this in your closet. When winter blows brutal you will need these water resistant, warm lining boots to keep your feet and toes warm.



It does matter what you prefer for your winter essential. it is all about you, your style and comfort.  Remain grounded in your own self love and confidence and represent you and your bold self.



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